Barre Fitness

At Precision Dance we also offer Total Barre classes. Aimee is an internationally qualified Total Barre instructor and LOVES working with people of all ages and fitness levels in these sessions.

In Total Barre classes you will sculpt lean and toned muscles in an energising and dynamic group fitness setting, designed to challenge your body - and no dance experience is required! Total Barre efficiently blends pilates with dance, cardio and strength training, specifically challenging arms, legs (and that booty!) and core to strengthen and lengthen the body. Powered by energising, heart-pumping music that makes you need to move, this class uses choreographed movement patterns with the support of a ballet barre to take you through a series of high-powered sequences that will keep you motivated and working hard!

These workouts can be modified to suit all levels and are even great for people strengthening their body after injuries. When done correctly, you will see results fast and won't be in lots of pain while working out. Come join our fun classes - you'll never dread a workout again!