What should my child wear to class?

When coming for a trial class it's best to wear something stretchy and easy to move in (bike shorts, leggings, singlet, tshirt). If your child is in a Twinkle Star Dance class they can wear any of these things, a dress, or a ballet outfit (sometimes the girls like to dress up).

Once enrolled in a class, your child will need a uniform, and these are all listed on the class pages of our website. They mainly consist of either a leotard (navy, pink, or black) or a red strappy singlet top and black 3/4 leggings.

Which class is best for my child?

There are plenty of options! You know your child best so probably have a better idea than we do at this stage, however you're welcome to come along and trial more than one style of dance before committing to the term.

Do you only offer ballet for under 5 year olds?

Nope! Our under 5 class is designed to be a mixture of dance styles. At this age they are learning the basic foundation steps that are included in ALL dance styles anyway. We use a variety of music styles and base our under 5 classes on the Twinkle Star Dance program, which is suitable for both boys and girls.

Are exams compulsory?

No, exams are not compulsory, but we do encourage the students to give them a go if we believe they are capable and up to standard. It gives them something to work towards and they spend so much class time on exam prep.

Do you do a show?

Yes we do! Every year at the beginning of December we put on two shows - one for our Waihi students and one for our Tauranga students.