Mix gymnastics and dancing and you have Acrodance! Learn cool gymnastic tricks to enhance your jazz and tap routines. Work at your own pace and learn the necessary skills to do these tricks safely and properly - it's important!

We follow the Acrobatic Arts syllabus to help our dancers gain the necessary strength to perform these tricky moves. Because we are running this class off a syllabus with specific notes, it is structured and therefore learning step by step and not just jumping straight into risky gymnastic moves and not learning them properly! This helps the children to build up the strength needed to cater for these tricky moves. However, if your child already has some experience, we can cater for that too.


These programs have been created so that we (as teachers) can teach these moves correctly and safely to help avoid injuries, to teach our acro classes the teachers have to take a course to ensure they understand how to teach the moves safely.


We run this class a little cheaper for any students that are already taking a class with us at Precision Dance! Let us know if you are interested and we can discuss this.

Uniform Requirements: