Our Values

Mission Statement:

To create a nurturing environment where we inspire our students, and encourage them on their pursuit of excellence in the creative arts and beyond.

We pride ourselves in fostering a love and passion for dance, while teaching correct technique in a safe and supportive environment.
Most of all, we have FUN!

Our Studio Values:


Give students the confidence to be the best they can be and always believe in their own abilities. Grow children into confident and strong teens and young adults.


Inspire students to be passionate about dance and the arts. We want our dancers to know and feel passion, and use this in other areas of their lives too. Our teachers are passionate about passing their love of the arts onto the next generation. Always create with your heart!

Perseverance & Commitment

Great work takes time. Encourage students to face challenges with optimism and always be committed to excellence. We are on a journey – the pursuit of excellence!

Individuality & Integrity

Be true to yourself and always stick to what you believe in. Our studio is a safe environment for everyone to always be themselves, individuality is encouraged here.

Gratitude & Respect

Show gratitude and appreciation for others (teachers, students, parents), their work, and what they offer you. Respect the studio, and other people’s belongings. Respect yourself, your teacher, and your classmates. They will respect you in return. Well-mannered people will always do well.