Classical Ballet

Ballet is the foundation of everything dance. It is great for teaching strong base technique which is important for any style of dance or movement class.

At Precision Dance we teach the ATOD Ballet syllabus from pre-grades right through to Advanced.

We chose the ATOD Ballet syllabus for our ballet classes as we believe it provides the perfect training for any student. It fits the child who is there to learn ballet simply for enjoyment, and the student who is a bit more serious - it helps all students individually reach their full potential (whether that be because they want to dance recreationally, professionally, or pursue a teaching career). ATOD ballet is strongly focused on creating good technique, but also encourages the dancer to develop the use of artistry. We believe this is just as important as this is what creates our little dancers! 

Preschool Dance Classes

Our preschool dance classes are specifically designed to help children learn co-ordination, balance, basic movement, rhythms, and counting. These classes incorporate moves that are used in all styles of dance and are a great introduction to dancing. Your children are introduced to dance, movement, and music through fun and creative classes that they will love attending every week. Our preschoolers can wear anything they like to class; ballet leotards and skirts or dress up tutus! This class is also suitable for boys!

ATOD Pre-Ballet Classes

For our youngest ballet exam students. Most children will move from the preschool class into a Pre-Grade class, whether it be ballet, jazz, or tap. In this class we prepare the students for a short, guided exam, which teaches them the structure and preparation for real exams.

ATOD Graded Ballet and Vocational Ballet

The ATOD syllabus is great for training many different students. We love the ATOD ballet as it allows the children to not only learn strong ballet technique, but also teaches them to 'dance', which is, of course, what ballet is all about! Students who have worked through these grades are usually strong and ready to take on the vocational levels of the syllabus.