Preschool Dance

Precision Dance offers specialised preschool dance classes to Early Learning Centres around Tauranga.

Our passion is dance and we want to reach as many young people as we can, from any walks of life and open up the world of movement and expression to them. Studies have shown that dance can increase cognitive skills, memory, co-ordination, spatial awareness and the ability to work with others.

Movement is so important for preschoolers and dance is a fun way to get them moving. We run, skip, jump, gallop, spin and count. We teach rhythm, basic movements and get their brains and bodies working.

We believe that dance can be beneficial for so many people as it can make a difference in all aspects of their life!

We are very flexible and can work around what your centre wants and needs. The program is very affordable because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to be involved.

At the end of each year, the children are given the opportunity to participate in our annual concert - they LOVE this and have so much fun!

Give Aimee a call today to discuss your options, or you could send us an email and we would be more than happy to pop by your centre and have a chat.

"Miley has been dancing with Aimee at daycare for a while and recently joined one of Isla's classes too. She loves both and is always excited on 'Monday dance day'. Both Isla and Aimee are amazing, patient, encouraging teachers, who I would recommend in a heartbeat!" - Keri-Leigh Sainty